Office Slave Teil2

Office Slave Teil2

Viele Fragen mich immer,ob ich sie nicht direkt bei der Arbeit oder in Mittagspause versklaven kann… . Die Anleitung fr die Anale Versklavung im Bro durch mich oder durch deine Arbeitskollegin. Das lsst bestimmt Dein Kopfkino anheizen. Themen: Strapon, Plug,Anal,Anfngereinfhrung

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The Godmother

The Godmother

The Godmother is a timeless black and white classic featuring the Goddess in the famous Taurel Institute in NYC. The Goddess plays a mob boss trying to figure out which of Her two dimwits is a snitch. She cross-examines the blithering idiots and knocks their skulls together after they come up with lame excuses and blame others. Not one to suffer fools, the 65 Amazon banishes the idiot slaves to the dungeon, where She engages in a variety of entertaining activity: breath control, trampling, nipple torture and corporal punishment.If youre a fan of the legendary Goddess Severa, this is definitely a movie youll want to add to your collection.


Jaqueline Gets Dominated


Jim comes home from work with the standard honney Im home to find Jaqueline taking care of household chores like a good submissive. Jim then places Jaqueline on the bed where he spanks, rimms and toyes with Jaqueline until she ends up in orgasm. Running time 6:43

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Ebony Bearhuggers

Shanee strips down Shannon exposing her beautiful pierced tits and subjects her to some harsh bearhug punishment! She traps her in a vice like grip and hits it from every angle front and back! Shannon moans and writhes and is completely under Shanee’s control having been stripped down to just her panties!



Last chance! WMV

Thats right, this is your last chance and last time to hear me refer to you as my slave. My slave jeann is not following simple directions, begs for me to take control of his life, wants to send me tributes but instead pays for another custom like he’s a just a customer. Ok, here is your video but let me tell you how it is and how it is going to be. I want control and I want it like this. Names, pictures, humiliation and MONEY. That is all that you are good for. Cash for me, so I can spend it. Controlling your life. Idiot, you begged for this, are you just wasting my time? I will be in total charge of your life or nothing. Follow my simple instructions, if you don’t and you just send me money for another custom and more lies, Im going to KEEP your money. Are you really going to fuck up a relationship with this Goddess?


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